As a consequence of my direct collaboration with the Artchy Jewelry workshop there are some aspects that I would like to share with you. For those interested in buying it is important to understand that we don’t keep items on stock.

Our products are manufactured by the worksop on request and full payment is required before any work is done.

In my capacity of designer and direct client of Artchy jewelry , a workshop specialized in collaboration with brands and designers I represent your contact with this manufacturer.

If you wish to order, please e-mail me and we discuss details concerning measurements and color of items and then I place your order. The workshop will e-mail me a price estimate which will be communicated to you.

If you agree on the price you will be invited to follow the payment procedure which will be split in two: the price for the item (material +labor cost+ transportation) paid to the workshop and the designer fee ( a flat fee based on the complexity of the design) paid to Camelia M. Do not worry it is not complicated and I will assist you every step of the way.

As soon as your payment is confirmed the manufacturer will start the production of the selected item and after 3-4 weeks the final product will be delivered to your address.

For the time being the only available prototype is the one advertised on this website with the measurements and combination of metal and stones indicated.

To place an order for this prototype please e-mail me and follow the instructions you will be given.

The gallery section displays several possible versions of the bracelet and necklace made of Gold+CZ or Silver+CZ or Gold + semi and precious stones
My designs can be made in a variety of precious metals and stones. While a piece may be shown on the website in silver, it might also be available in 14 or 18K gold, yellow, rose or white upon request. Some designs can also be made in platinum. These items are made of precious metals. In other cases, a piece may be set with different stones than shown on the website. If you are interested in requesting a variation on an existing design e-mail me. After consulting with the manufacturer I will confirm whether your request can be accommodated, how long it will take to fulfill the request; and whether any additional charges apply.
Unfortunately I don’t take commissions because I am focused on my own designs. Requests for copies of another designer's work will always be declined.
The methods of payment agreed by the workshop are the wired transfer, credit card or PayPal. They insist that the favorite method for production order is the wire transfer.
My designer fee will be separately paid to me via Western Union .
At this time, as a freelance designer selling her own luxury products, I am not able to accept returns! Specializing in unique made to measure creations it is obvious that by their nature such items don’t qualify for returns.
Consider carefully before you make a purchase and ask me as many questions as you like. Camellia M Jewelry is designed to make a statement.
Jewelry is not indestructible. Please keep your jewelry in its box or bag when you are not wearing it. Protect your jewelry from sharp blows, chemicals, excessive exposure to strong sunlight and extreme temperatures. Do not expose jewelry to lotions, hair spray and perfume. Mechanical pieces are particularly vulnerable. We strongly advise you not to wear jewelry while swimming, showering, working out, doing household chores, handling your luggage in the airport, and during other activities in which pieces might get dirty or damaged. After all high jewelry pieces are very special and should be treated as such.