Camelia M Jewelry is a line of unique jewelry created by freelance designer Camelia M and manufactured in collaboration with Artchy.com, a workshop located in Bangkok Thailand.

A self taught artist Camelia M considers jewelry creation as a form of art and joy embodied in color and shape, manually crafted with skill and passion and eventually offered to the world as a gift of beauty and perfection. Designed and manufactured to stand the test of time the jewelry items of this line are meant to enhance the natural beauty of women, their elegance and power of seduction.



We provide complete custom jewelry design and manufacturing services. Our clientele are primarily jewelry brands and jewelry designers who are looking for faster turn around times on their orders.
We bring your jewelry to life!
We believe in producing jewelry of the highest standards. We use state of the art technology and the latest manufacturing equipment to deliver the best quality possible. Most people can never find jewelry they want, because it was made by someone else for someone else. At Artchy Jewelry, we encourage you to make your own jewelry. The way you want it
Artchy Jewelry employs some of the most skilled jewelers in the world. The in house micro-pave setting is done by hand, using microscopes, and to the highest level of Swiss standards. Our jewelers come from a variety of backgrounds but many have worked for top brands at various points in their careers. Thailand, being a jewelry manufacturing hub, has some of the most skilled artisans in the world. This Thai jewelry workshop has stringent recruitment practices and we constantly seek out the best of the best.
For more information on Artchy Jewelry please visit their website www.artchy.com
Together, designer and workshop , we are committed to quality, functionality and beauty for each and every creation we offer for sale.


Together, designer and workshop, we are committed to quality, functionality and beauty for each and every creation we offer for sale